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Where is Cinemacity located?

Cinemacity is located on Barada Street, Damascus, Syria – for a map and directions please go to All About Cinemacity

How many screens does Cinemacity have?

Cinemacity has 2 digital screens, these screens are Digital 3D equipped.

What are the ticket prices at Cinemacity?

Standard entry is 2000 SYP

What are the opening times for Cinemacity?

Opening and closing times vary slightly depending on the movie schedule. Cinemacity generally opens at 10.30am with the first showings general staring from 11am – please check the current schedule for more detail. Last showings are general approx midnight, though again, please check the current schedule for details.

How do I contact Cinemacity?

By phone (011) 9424 or 0992009424 or by email on info@cinemacity.sy For all contact details please go to All About Cinemacity

Can I choose my seat?

Yes, Cinemacity operates an allocated seating system.

What payment options are available?

Cinemacity accepts cash only.

Can I book online or via telephone?

You can make a reservation free (no advance payment required) by calling our booking line on (011) 9424. Currently Cinemacity does not have online booking, although this may be offered in the future.

Does Cinemacity show 3D movies?

Yes, Cinemacity currently has 2 Digital 3D screens.

What 3D technology does Cinemacity use?

Cinemacity is the only location in Syria to use state of the art Master Image Digital 3D, using special glasses that allow more color, vibrancy and viewing angles.

Are children allowed?

Yes children are welcome, subject to the movie rating however Cinemacity does advise that young children and babies under the age of 2 may not be suitable for movies with loud sound effects and at a young age children’s hearing is more sensitive than adults. We advise parents to consider this before booking.

Movie ratings - how do these work?

The Syrian Ministry Of Information classifies all movies with an age rating. Cinemas must abide by these ratings.

Rating        Description

G                General admission - All ages are allowed
PG13         All ages allowed but children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
PG15         All ages allowed but children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult
15+            15 years old and above only. Children aged 14 and under are not allowed even if accompanied by adults
18+            18 years old and above only. Children aged 17 and under are not allowed even if accompanied by adults

Why is the show time different to the published times in the press?

Very occasionally there has to be alterations to the show times after the listing information has been submitted to the media, to be absolutely certain of the correct show time please check the now showing section or call (011) 9424.

Why is Cinemacity not showing a particular movie?

Cinemacity strives to show the widest possible selection of movie, however with 2 screens it is not always possible to show all the movies. Cinemacity aims to provide the best variety of movies from the movies made available for exhibition from the distributors.

Does Cinemacity offer group bookings / private screenings?

Yes, Cinemacity is happy to accommodate group bookings, private screenings, corporate events etc For more information please contact the Cinemacity Manager info@cinemacity.sy

Is there food available at Cinemacity? Can I bring my own food?

Cinemacity has a luxurious restaurant serving fresh food including Teppanyaki, Sushi, Sashimi and much more. There is also a wide selection of concession items including popcorn, nachos, chocolates and many more snacks. It is strictly forbidden to bring your own food to Cinemacity.

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