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Don't you love going to the movies? You sink into the plush seats before a huge screen, the lights dim...and then it happens: you find yourself squinting at fuzzy images, marred by dust and lint; the colors are dull and lifeless; and the scratches and skips are annoying.

That is the problem with traditional film prints: the projected image is never as good as the original. Not so in theatres equipped with Digital Cinema. Since Digital Cinema replaces traditional film prints with a digital bitstream, the moviegoing experience becomes something altogether different.

Digital Cinema Benefits
Immerses you in the movie experience, with rich colors, vivid visual details, and vibrant surround sound Ensures that you experience movies exactly as the director intended by reproducing all of the sounds and imagery with digital accuracy.

A Breathtaking Cinema Experience; Opening-Night Quality, Every Night
Most movies projected from traditional film prints lose their luster after just a few showings. The extreme heat of the projector causes the images to fade, wear and tear causes scratches and marks, and uneven lighting only makes matters worse. Sit down in a theatre equipped with Digital Cinema, and you'll notice an immediate difference. Digital Cinema replaces film with a digital bitstream that delivers a pristine picture and stunning sound with the same premiere-night quality night after night. And fading, scratches, skips, and pops are a thing of the moviegoing past.

Better in All Respects
Digital Cinema ensures that you see the images exactly as the director conceived them. It delivers brighter colors, vivid details that pop off the screen, and incredible depth and realism. Film just doesn't measure up.


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     3D Movies So Realistic, You'll Be Amazed

Ready to be riveted to your seat? Digital 3D does just that, delivering an entertainment experience that's nothing short of incredible. You'll find yourself immersed in the movie, with 3D so real the action all but leaps off the screen. Colors are more natural, and the picture is so clearly defined, you'll want to reach out and touch it.

Digital 3D also means that you can enjoy a perfect image from any seat in the house. Even better, the reusable Digital 3D glasses are an environmentally sound alternative to the throwaway glasses of other systems. For unforgettable 3D at its best, experience Digital 3D.

Getting the best 3D movie experience once meant finding a seat in the center of the auditorium. Not anymore, since Digital 3D makes it possible for you to experience the same sharp, realistic image from every seat in the house. While you will see amazing 3D quality, you will not see the typical ghosting effects or artifacts common to other 3D projection techniques.

Digital 3D Benefits
Delivers a vivid 3D movie experience with natural colors and a sharper, clearer image Ensures you'll see a perfect image from any seat in the house without ghosting or other 3D distractions Produces less waste than other 3D systems thanks to reusable 3D glasses